Code Hero is a game that teaches you how to make games and save the world with a code ray that shoots C#. Become a code hero and shape the future!

Code Hero is a first-person science shooter where you use the code ray to manipulate code. Your code ray can copy code just like picking up a powerup and fire it like ammunition to do new things.

You can edit new code to do anything you can imagine. You'll learn how to blast bots, manipulate models, and build structures creatively to create the games of your dreams and recruit an army of coders to save the world from rogue AI. 

Beginners Welcome: You Can Learn To Code

Code hero gives you unprecedented power inside the game. It's a new type of learning; players start out using powerful code without needing to understand it, then slowly master that code to conquer specific challenges. It's a game you can play without programming experience where learning happens naturally and the moment when start coding is the beginning of a new world of possibilities.


This Is Your Code Ray: Copy-Paste-Hack

Beginners are jump-started by Code Hero's approach towards learning programming in 3D as many non-programmers get for the first time a way they can break into coding and actually enjoy learning Javascript and Unityscript. 



Experienced programmers often laugh out loud at seeing how the classic FizzBuzz job interview question is transformed into a horde of 100 angry FizzBots in Code Hero's FizzBoss challenge to combine Javascript algorithms and Unity game code into a formidable test by which players prove their programming prowess.



The World of Code

Code Hero takes place both inside the 3D game world of Codia and in the face-to-face meet space of Actualia. The game starts inside the computer, but it extends into meeting people in the real world and beyond.

Code Heroes as Mentors

Code Heroes like Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing act as mentors in the story of Code Hero to teach you about their inventions and encourage you to break new ground as the next great code hero.

Code Literacy

Code is becoming one of the languages that defines modern life, and code literacy is becoming increasingly important for people to understand and create the future we now live in. Code is one of the sciences that defines the innovations of our age and shapes our moment-to-moment experience of Internet-using lives. In a world where we all use code, it is time for us to learn to read and write it so that we become not merely consumers but also creators and participants in digital democracy.

Code Hero's mission is to create code literacy through gaming, and code literacy is becoming an increasingly important part of the world's efforts to revolutionize STEM learning ( Science Technology Engineeering & Math ).

Gamebridge Unityversity

Code Hero is just the beginning of your code career. You can take what you learn in Code Hero and start applying it to Unity3D. Unity is free game engine that easily scales from instant learning beginners up to professional game development projects.


The Unity Game Engine

Code Hero teaches you how to code games with the Unity 3D game engine. Unity is the leading engine because it is free, powerful, multiplatform and encourages sharing assets through the Unity Asset Store.


Gamebridge Unityversity Community: Report To Your Local Hackerspace

Gamebridge Unityversity is a real-world developer community to help you learn how to make your game ideas a reality. Code Hero encourages players to visit their local Hackerspaces to meet other coders and makers face-to-face. 

Learn more about Unity3D in Gamebridge Unityversity