Gamebridge Unityversity of Codecraft and Makery

What you learn in Code Hero teaches you how to make Unity games. Unityversity extends to online and face-to-face events. 

Game development is a lot of fun, and it is an awesome gateway to learning full stack app, web and server programming.

Play Code Hero

The best way to begin with Gamebridge Unityversity is to play Code Hero. You will be enrolled as part of creating your Code Hero Primer account, and you'll enter the school inside the game where you'll begin to learn about coding. Then you'll be ready to apply what you learn here with Unityversity's online resources and real-world Makerhoods meetup locations such as hackerspaces.

Download Unity & Sketchup Pro(Trial) & Audacity

Begin by installing the Unity game engine, Sketchup modeling and Audacity sound editing software. If you buy the Code Hero box you'll get the Code Hero USB drive with preinstalled versions of these apps.

Teach Yourself Unity3D Game Development

Unity is the world's most popular game development engine because it makes it free and easy to learn to make any kind of game you can imagine that everyone can play on every platform.

Start with the Unity 101 Tutorial

Learn Javascript

Visit makerhood hackerspaces for mentors.

Meeting people face-to-face will change your life and make code much more than a hobby.

 Attend a Meetup & Hack The Future

Participate in a Unityversity learning meetup like Gamebridge Unityversity Mondays 6PM @Noisebridge.